Melvin R. LairdMelvin R. Laird
Honorary Doctor of Law, University of Wisconsin

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Melvin R. Laird

Awards and Accolades

Honorary Doctor of Law - University of Wisconsin

Honorary Doctor of Law
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
May 22, 1982

"Melvin R. Laird's career in government spanned nearly thirty years, as a member of the Wisconsin State Senate, as a Congressman, and as a Cabinet officer.

As a legislator he took a special interest in medical research, and his work in that area has been of historic importance.

As a State Senator, Melvin Laird introduced and gained approval of the Wisconsin Veterans Rehabilitation and Housing Act and the Mental Health Program.

In the United States Congress, he was responsible for legislation that greatly expanded support of medical research. The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research on our own Campus was the product of legislation that he sponsored. His effective support of medical research has earned him honors from the American Cancer Society, the National Association of Mental Health, the National Research Foundation to Prevent Blindness, and the American Association of Medical Colleges and Universities. In 1964, he received the medical profession's highest recognition for the promotion of medical research, the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award.

An enlightened and skillful legislator, this native son of Wisconsin has sought always the good health of his country.

Melvin R. Laird: on this campus and throughout the country, facilities for medical research are a legacy of your skill and foresight as a legislator. For your enlightened and effective leadership, the University of Wisconsin confers on you its honorary degree, Doctor of Law."

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