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Laird Center for Medical Research

Roundtable Discussion Video

The new, expanded Laird Center for Medical Research will open in October 2008. Its potential was symbolized in a roundtable discussion on “The Future of Medicine” that occurred the morning of the building’s groundbreaking.

Seated together were research scientists who embodied the four laboratories to be housed in the building. Humberto Vidaillet, M.D., represented clinical research; Catherine McCarty, Ph.D., spoke on behalf of genetics research; Jennifer Meece, Ph.D., addressed emerging infectious disease research; and Justin Starren, M.D., Ph.D., represented biomedical informatics.

During the two-hour event, panelists answered a number of audience questions about the future of medicine. Below are video excerpts from the question and answer session of the roundtable discussion.

(To listen to accompanying audio, you must have speakers at your computer. A transcript is provided for your convenience, should you not have speakers installed.)


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