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Laird Center for Medical Research

Laird Center Dedication

To our patients and friends:

It is with great pride that we welcome you to the expanded Laird Center for Medical Research. This new space houses clinicians, scientists and staff members of Marshfield Clinic’s Division of Laboratory Medicine, Research Foundation and Division of Education. Research, education and clinical work done here will advance medical care and improve public health for generations to come.

Our objective with this expansion was to create a physical environment to make it easier for our researchers and our clinical laboratory staff to collaborate. In this facility, researchers and clinicians are under one roof, which creates a forum to share knowledge, pose questions and gather data - all with the goal of bringing research discoveries face-to-face with medical problems. Careful consideration was given to the location within the facility of research departments, laboratories and translational research. Common resources can be shared, thereby creating efficiencies throughout the Laird Center’s operations. This will complement our efforts to work together to cultivate medical advances and further research efforts worldwide

Our good friend and neighbor Mel Laird has long shared our vision to move research results more rapidly from the laboratory to patient care. For his leadership and support of the Marshfield Clinic’s research and education efforts, we offer our sincere gratitude. His countless contributions to improving health care here at home and around the world have truly touched the lives of many.

I think you’ll agree that we have built a solid foundation of applying medical research to better provide health care for you and your family.


Karl J. Ulrich, M.D., M.M.M.
President and CEO

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