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Front facade of the Laird Center for Medical Research as seen from the North
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Laird Center for Medical Research

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a view of the George Magnin Library

George E. Magnin Medical Library

Marshfield Clinic’s medical library supports excellence in patient care, education and research by providing current, accurate information services to all employees, students and staff of the medical complex. Named for Marshfield Clinic emeritus physician George E. Magnin, M.D., the library is a tribute to Dr. Magnin who was instrumental in expanding the Clinic’s medical education programs. The medical library is open to the general public 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Visit the George E. Magnin Medical Library Home page.

Laird Collection & Medical Library Archive

Documentation for many of the Laird photographs and artifacts displayed around the Laird Center for Medical Research is archived at this location. Much like a museum or art gallery, staff and facility resources are dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of this important collection. Archive contents include documents, artifacts and photographs of Marshfield Clinic’s organizational history. Original Marshfield Clinic Articles of Organization and original hand-written meeting minutes are displayed here.

a view of Melvin Laird's Office

Melvin R. Laird’s Office and Conference Room

Housed within the George E. Magnin Medical Library is a replica of Melvin Laird’s Reader’s Digest office and conference room. Memorabilia donated by Melvin Laird from his years in the Wisconsin State Senate and U.S. Congress, and as Secretary of Defense are displayed in this area.

View some of the artifacts and memorabilia in the Laird Center for Medical Research collections.

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