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Front facade of the Laird Center for Medical Research
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Laird Center for Medical Research

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Center for Human Genetics

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation has a history of important discoveries in human genetics. The Center for Human Genetics continues that legacy through pioneering work in the new field of personalized health care. The Personalized Medicine Research Project, begun in 2002 with state and federal support, is the largest population-based human genetic research project in the United States.

Specific studies currently under way at MCRF in genomics and medical genetics include projects to identify genes associated eye diseases, neurological diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Other studies are examining treatment response to medications based on a person’s individual genetic makeup. Marshfield Clinic closely collaborates in this field with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, along with other universities and academic medical centers.

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