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Frederic Wesbrook, M.D., George E. Magnin, M.D. and John Przyblinski, M.D.Frederic Wesbrook, M.D., George E. Magnin, M.D. and John Przyblinski, M.D.

Heritage Foundation

George E. Magnin, M.D.

2000 Heritage Foundation Award Winner

Greatness is not measured by money, status or occupation. It is measured by who you are.

In this context, George E. Magnin M.D., is a great man.

Dr. Magnin's family, friends, colleagues and students said just that in their remarks September 20, 2000, when the retired Marshfield Clinic physician received the third Marshfield Clinic Heritage Award in Madison, WI. The award was presented to him by Marshfield Clinic President Frederic Wesbrook, M.D. Clinic Executive Director Reed Hall was master of ceremonies.

Stories about Dr. Magnin poignantly portrayed him as passionate about many things -- his family, medicine, his faith, sports of pretty much any nature, but especially hunting and golf -- while living his life and practicing medicine with humility.

Speakers were Melvin R. Laird, the first Heritage Foundation recipient; Dr. Magnin's colleagues, retired Marshfield Clinic physicians Dean Emmanuel, M.D., Russell Lewis, M.D., and Thomas Rice, M.D.; one of his mentors and teachers, Robert Schilling, M.D; his students, Marshfield Clinic Internal Medicine Specialist John Przybliniski, M.D., and Dennis Maki, M.D.; and his son, David Magnin, Ph.D.

"He was a great doctor, and even more important he was a good friend," Laird said of the man who had been his personal physician for many years. He talked of Dr. Magnin's years of study in Madison, and being the 19th physician on Marshfield Clinic's staff.

"We thank you for all you've done for Marshfield, Marshfield Clinic and for medicine throughout America."

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