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Laird Center for Medical Research

Roundtable Video Transcript


Moderator: Will the Laird Center for Medical Research include research geared toward studies in nutrition and the effects of processed foods and chemicals on American health? Is there any support for research that shows a natural lifestyle, eating organic produce, and does that make sense? This is from the Weston Center, and anybody want to try and tackle that?

Cathy McCarty: I'll start. A huge area of research called Nutrigenomics, so we have Metabolomics and Proteomics, and Nutrigenomics is a growing area. And I was contacted by someone in the media, about a year ago, I think, about a health food center opening up and promoting genetic testing to decide what multivitamin somebody should be taking. And my response to that is it's not ready for prime time and you're wasting a lot of money to do this. But, there's huge potential and we need to do this research. If we think that genetics...and we know that it does...predicts a body's response to medications, it certainly has to do the same thing for how we respond to the nutrients that we consume through our foods. It's a growing area of research, and one I hope to be involved with.

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