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physicians and dignitaries breaking ground on the Laird Center for Medical Research

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Laird Center for Medical Research

Groundbreaking Video Transcript

Wisconsin First Lady, Jessica Doyle

Lairds really love Marshfield. We are very proud of the way the community supports the Clinic, and the Clinic supports the community. Because of the powerful advocacy of Melvin Laird, and the strong Clinic-community bond, some of the most talented medical experts from throughout the world have gathered here in Marshfield.

The governor and I applaud the work that the Marshfield Clinic is doing every day. To me, it's just remarkable there are 41 Clinics across the state. I want to thank the scientists, the physicians, and the other health care experts who dedicate their lives to medical research, education and care. This exemplary service results in lives and well-being for people that are improved within our state and beyond our borders.

One striking example involves the drug, Coumadin. In the Laird Center laboratories, scientists are nearing completion of a study aimed at how to better prescribe Coumadin, a common drug for blood-thinning. Coumadin, as many of you know, was discovered at UW-Madison. Because each of us comes with our own DNA, the application of Coumadin must be personalized for each patient. If the dose is inadequate for the patient's DNA, serious blood clots could form. Fortunately, with the application of the research that Marshfield Clinic is conducting today, the correct dosage can be given right from the beginning and unfortunate side effects can be avoided.

Wisconsin is proud of Melvin Laird today, and we all know how proud he is of his beloved Marshfield Clinic. The governor and I thank you all for your tremendous dedication to improving lives everywhere and we wish you all the best for continued success.

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